Filling machine with flowmeters



  • Linear filling machines based on flow meters are used if it is necessary to achieve a high precision of filling and repeatability of the doses, such as in the food, pharma and cosmetic industry or in petro-chemistry. Machines based on flow meters can easily be cleaned using CIP/SIP technologies.
  • Filling system using flow meters offer a high reliability and require a minimum maintenance.
  • Mass flow meters eliminate the influence of temperature and can achieve identical doses at various filling temperatures.
  • The capacity of single-line machines reaches from 1,000-5,000 bottles per hour; double-line machines have a capacity of up to 8,000 bottles per hour.


  • Machine frame with height adjustable feets
  • Motorized conveyor with adjustable speed
  • Infeed and outfeed gates
  • Sensor to detect bottles entering to filling area
  • Flowmeters for product dosing
  • Pneumatic lift of filling nozzles (bottom up filling)
  • Closing of filling nozzles
  • Bottle neck support
  • Antidrip tray under filling nozzles
  • Sensor to detect collision of filling nozzles
  • Sensor to detect outcoming bottles from filling area
  • Sensor to detect full conveyor behind the machine
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • Safety guards


  • Product tank made of AISI 304 or AISI 316
  • Pressurized product tank
  • Product level control
  • Pneumatic product infeed valve
  • Pump for product tank refilling
  • CIP inlet connection
  • Spray ball inside product tank
  • Set of adapters for nozzles cleaning
  • Collection manifold
  • Product dosing pump
  • Motorized lift of filling nozzle
  • Motorized horizontal nozzle movement
  • ATEX configuration
  • Chemical proof configuration
  • Food products configuration
  • Remote connection


The containers enter into the machine via a conveyor with plastic or stainless steel belt. Before entering the filling station, they are stopped by inlet pneumatic gate. One group of containers leaves the filling station, the gate opens and lets next group of containers enter. After entering the gate is closed again. If there is no container, the system waits and the filling process does not start. In case the bottle does not come in predefined time, the system sounds an alarm. After entering all bottles, the filling process starts. As soon as the bottle necks are automatically centered on the axis, the nozzles go down into the bottle to its bottom and opens. The dosed product is measured out by flow meters. The product is dosed into filling circuit by pump, the type of pump depends on the type of product, alternatively there can be used also a pressure tank. The system is characterized by ability of perfect cleaning, easy operation (all filling parameters can be saved into the control system memory) and minimal maintenance. The filled dose is adjustable from the control PLC display, which enables fast and easy change of the dosing volume. After finishing the filling process, the nozzles close and the drip tray comes under the nozzles to avoid staining the containers. Then the outlet gate opens and lets the containers out of the filling station.