Monoblocks for filling and capping pouches


Monoblocks for filling and capping of the doypack bags are intended to fill ready-made bags with the help of filling nozzles through the neck. Pouchline is produced in two versions: Pouchline 1 (with each step, the carousel picks up one bag) and Pouline 2 (the carousel picks up 2 bags). The maximum capacity of the Pouchline 1 is 2,000 0.5-l-bags per hour, the Pouchline 2 machines can fill up to 4,000 0.5-l-bags/h.

The pouchline machines are used to fill food products (baby food, juices, chocolate, milk products, ketchup and sauces) into bags. Further, cosmetic products (liquid soaps and shampoos), chemical products (winter screen wash, paints etc.) can be filled.

Depending on the required capacity, the machines can be equipped with 2-4 jnozzles (Pouchline 1) or 6 nozzles (Pouchline 2). According to the specific products, either gear pumps, Lobe pumps or flow meters can be used for filling.

The Pouchline 1 is equipped with one capping unit, the Pouchline 2 with two. Rotary feeders are used to aling the caps.

The machines can also be equipped with a special doser feeder, which is used, for example, for filling chocolate.

The machines are delivered in two types of bag feeders. A semi-automatic feeder, where the bags are slid by hand on the rail and automatically moved to the rotation table, or a fully automated feeder, where the rails with the bags are positioned into the feeder and automatically moved to the feeding station, where the rail is emptied and the bags are automatically moved to the carousel.

The BIG version can also fill large bags of 2-5 l. The machines can be delivered in a version suitable for explosive environments to fill anti-freeze fluids.