Unscrambling machines and caps orientators

  • processing of a broad range of different containers from small bottles to canisters
  • broad range of different machine capacities
  • easy change to other sizes sparing costs for spare parts
  • secondary orientation of containers and caps

Ansa 800

Erectors of small bottles are intended mainly for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. They can also be used to align small bottles for the liquid of e-cigarettes. The bottles are poured into the bowl, from which they are transported in horizontal position to the conveyor belt, where they are aligned using a special mechanic turner with their necks in one direction and then erected using side belts and finally moved to the filling machine.

Ansa 1000-2000

Canister erectors are usually used where bottles and canisters are feeded to the entry conveyor of the filling line. The neck of most of the canisters is placed eccentrically, so it is necessary to include a secondary orientating system after the erector, by means of which the containers are aligned in one direction to may continue to the filling machine.

Ansa Viber

Vibration devices to orientate the caps and vibration bowls are intended mainly to align and transport the caps to the capping unit. The caps are poured into the vibration bowl, where they are aligned using a screw track and a system of air jets. Then they are directed to the rail and moved to the capping station. Orientating devices are produced in the three different sizes with diameters of 600, 400 and 250 mm.

Unscrambling machine
Unscrambling machine