Filling lines for buckets


  • compact solution
  • sanitary design with possible connection to a CIP system
  • possibility of filling a vast range of various containers with one machine
  • fast and simple conversion for other sizes

The filling and closing lines for buckets unstack the buckets, fill them and close them with a foil or a lid. The sizes of the filled buckets range from 0.5 to 30 kg. According to the demanded capacity, the machines can be delivered in single or multiple row versions.

The lines consist of the following parts:

  • automated unstacking of the buckets
  • device to clean the buckets
  • a bottling unit with bottom-up filling system
  • unit to apply a foil
  • automated unstacking of the lids from a stack
  • unit to put on the lids
  • unit to press the lids on the bucket rims
  • labelling unit with the possibility to reprint the labels
  • monitoring unit (control of the label application, printing, application of the lid)
  • sorting out of incorrectly sealed buckets or buckets with incorrectly attached or printed label
  • palletizing of closed buckets
  • wrapping the buckets with stretch foil