Filling and sealing of metal and plastic tubes


  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • easy conversion to other sizes, exchange of the tube holders and heat heads
  • hot filling
  • filling of very dense products such as petroleum jelly
  • a single machine can be used to fill both plastic and metal tubes

The filling and sealing machines for plastic and metal tubes are mainly used to fill cosmetic and pharmaceutical compounds such as creams and ointments, toothpaste and also food products (ketchup, dressings, mayonnaises or cheese).

Optionally, the machines are equipped with a sealing station for plastic tubes (hot-air for heating the tubes), a system for sealing of the metal tubes (multiple folding) or their combination.

By default, the machines contain a unit for embossing the date, a storage magazine for the product with level control, an automated tube feeder for the carousel and a device to align the tubes.